My first project after joining UCS focused on porting our RealSite code to newer engine, as well as making various improvements to user experience and performance.

Since we were a small company and my coworkers were very busy at the time I joined, they could only give me a very brief introduction, otherwise it was up to myself to take up the challenge, which I did.

Diving head first into hundreds of thousands of lines of new code without previous similar experience was a pretty daunting task at first, but also a very giving one. If a task seemed to big at first, I would break it down into smaller pieces, isolate what pieces of the code weren’t working in the new engine, figure out the original purpose of the functions and classes and then make the changes that would work in the new engine.

Rinse and repeat over the next months gave me a solid understanding of the coding architecture behind Realsite, as well as Unity and C# in general.